Saturday, May 11, 2013

I very rarely take time to come up with reviews for products I use, but I’ve observed that quite a few people seems to be wondering if the penis extender Sizegenetics is a scam or if it’s legit. If you’d like to know the truth about Sizegenetics before you take out your credit card, then you’re going to want to read every word of this Sizegenetics Review. 

I bought the sizegenetics extender about five months ago, and I figured it was about time to let you know what I think about it - the good points, the bad points and show you my results as well, and if it’s really worth getting one or not.

The bottom line is you want to know if it actually works, is it going to increase your size and is it permanent. We're going to cover all of that stuff in this sizegenetics review.

Make sure you read the whole thing, because I’m going to show you pics of the extender and how it works and  tell you where I got mine at a good discounted price as well.

So let’s get started.

Is Sizegenetics a Scam?

Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Is this extender a scam?” that's a good question. I was definitely skeptical about this product, because there are a lot of enlargement products out there that are definitely scams, there’s no doubt about that.

The reason I know is because I’ve actually spent alot of money on total rubbish.

You might have seen ads like this on the web. I mean, look at it: “Learn how to grow your cock 4 inches in 4 weeks.”

It really is ridiculous. Just don’t waste your money on crap like that, because if it was actually possible, every guy out there would have a 10-inch dick in 4 weeks from now.

It’s just crap, so avoid it like the plague

From my personal experience the Sizegenetics Extender is definitely not a scam. I’ve managed to get some pretty good results with it.

Now I wouldn’t say I’ve grown really fast, but I’ve had a steady rate of growth from using it and the Sizegenetics Extender actually has a Type I Medical Device Certificate.

This is something that’s given out by the FDA – that’s the Food and Drug Administration – to say that it’s been clinically tested and officially recognized as being effective to increase penis size.

Products don’t get these unless they’ve been tested and proven to work a. In Europe as well, the Sizegenetics Extender does have a CE stamp, which means it’s been tested and is safe to use.

One other thing is that the Extender is backed and endorsed by medical doctors.

I’m quite careful when it comes to spending money, I did look into the guarantee. It’s 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get any results within six months, so you’ve got a full six months to
actually use the extender, see what results you get, and if you genuinely don’t get any results, they’ll give you all of your money back.

It’s really the guarantee and the other stuff I’ve just mentioned that convinced me to give it a try.

Overall, I’m very happy I did, because the results I’ve gotten so far have been pretty good. I’d say if you’re worrying about it being a rip-off, about it being a scam, it really isn’t.

 Hopefully this has put your mind at rest about that anyway.

What comes with the Sizegenetics extender

Okay, now I’m just going to show you everything that you actually get with the Sizegenetics when you order. Obviously you get the case, the contents, all the bits and pieces, the rods, the extras, and it does actually come with a key as well so you can actually shut the case and lock it and keep it all secure so no one knows what’s in there.

You get the DVD, and that shows you how to use it, how to fit all the comfort options. You get the Penis Health DVD. It’s actually pretty good. That includes some of the manual exercises and things you can do to supplement your program as well as using the Extender. Yeah, that’s pretty much everything you get when you order it.

How To Use The Sizegenetics

Okay, in this video I’m just going to quickly show you how you actually use the Extender. Unfortunately, I’ve only got this carrot to demonstrate on, but it’ll have to do. All you do is get the base piece, and you attach however many rods you need to get the desired length. They just screw into place. Then it’s simply just a case of sliding the base piece down yourself while you’re flaccid like that, and then you want to get the headpiece. Here I’ve just got the standard rubber strap fitted, but you can either use the rubber noose here or a combination of the comfort options as well, like the foam ring and these rubber bands here and the black strap there. Whatever you find comfortable. But for this demo we’ll just use the standard strap.

All you do is slide it over the head of your penis and onto the metal rods of the extender like that, and then you just secure it in place by pulling it tight there. Then you just want to twist the rods to get the desired traction on it, and it basically just stretches you out that way like that. If you do that day in, day out, it stretches you little by little, and as the weeks go by you keep adding a little bit more traction, it keeps pulling you further. Then when you need to you add another rod, like the half-inch rod or the 1-inch rod. Just keep growing and growing and growing as you go along. To take it off, it’s pretty easy; you just loosen the strap and that headpiece just slides off, and then you slide the base piece off like that.

They say you should wear it a few hours a day. I found wearing it four or five hours works for me. I usually try and wear it at night when I’m at home, but I’ve been able to set up the Extender and wear it under my clothes during the day too. I generally point it upwards and position it under the top of my pants. It’s not ideal, but I can’t sit around at home all day wearing it because I’ve got stuff to do. But the main thing is you can wear it under your clothes if you need to and no one will know about it. Or if you do have the time to sit at home in your bathrobe, you can do that. Or do what I do and just wear it at night.

My Sizegenetics Results

Here I’m going to show you my results using it so far. This is the spreadsheet I keep of my progress week by week. It really just helps me keep track of how I’m doing, and it’s a good idea to keep a log like this, because it helps you keep motivated and see the progress that you’re making, and really just shows my erect length measurement week by week, and obviously any notes that I’ve added there.

I’ve been using the Extender nearly every day for about 5 ½ months. My penis is definitely bigger. It hangs much lower when flaccid.

Like you can see on the spreadsheet, I started at 6.3” and at 22 weeks, I’m now at 7.2”, so I’ve gained just under an inch in length after about 5 ½ months. It’s been a steady, realistic rate of growth, I’d say. It’s kind of like weight training. You aren’t going to get huge muscles overnight. You do need to put in a little effort over a period of time to get some gains and see some changes in size.

But it’s been great to actually look at myself and see my bigger size. It’s definitely made me feel a lot more confident in the bedroom and a lot less self-conscious. Before, I never really used to let a girl get a good look at me naked, but now I’m a lot happier to get naked when I’m with my girlfriend and let her have a good look. It’s just made me a lot happier, and I’m a lot happier with the current size I’ve got right now. So yeah, those are the results I’ve been having, and hopefully it’s going to continue.

What I Don't Like about my Sizegenetics Penis Extender

Wearing it under clothes:
The first thing is that sometimes it can be a little awkward to wear it under your clothes.
I can’t wear it under my clothes without being noticed - can be very embarrassing or sometimes I just need to adjust it, adjust the tension or move it slightly so it’s a bit more comfortable.

But it’s not always easy to do if you’re out or if you’re at work and there are lots of other people around. I mean, if you want results, you do have to wear it, so I guess if you can go to the restroom and adjust it, or do what I do and just wear it in the evening when I get home as much as possible.

Wearing it for extended periods:
Another thing that can be a little annoying is if I’ve been wearing it for two or three hours or more, sometimes I’ll need to take the headpiece off and reattach it after a minute or two, just to give myself a little break.

That’s because it can sort of lessen the blood flow a little bit to the head of the penis. It’s not really bad; it’s not like it totally cuts off the circulation or anything, but it kind of starts to feel a bit tingly, and you’ll just need to give it a break for a minute and then just reattach it.

Getting comfortable with it on your penis:
And another thing is that it can take a little while to get used to using the Extender. It’s kind of like learning to drive a car; you need to take a few lessons before you get the hang of it, and it’s the same with this.

If you use it every day for a week or so, you’ll start to get more comfortable with it, but you do have to experiment around with it a bit at the beginning to learn how to get the best out of it. But once you’ve mastered it and you’re up to speed, it certainly is really easy to use. So just a couple of points there. Nothing too bad, but worth mentioning.

What I like about My Sizegenetics Extender

Easy to set up correct tension:
The first thing that I like about the extender is the mechanism for increasing the traction is really accurate. I like the system with the different size rods as well, so you can get just the right tension that you need just to help you grow that little bit extra.

It’s really solid, really well-made, built to last. So yeah, I think that’s something that is important in a device like this. It’s really good.

The Sizegenetics comfort system:
I also like all the different options you have for strapping yourself in, like the foam ring, these little rubber rings, you can use the noose if you want, or the standard strap and the headpiece. You can use a combination of any of these, whatever you find comfortable.

It’s important, because if you’re going to be wearing it a few hours every day, it needs to be comfortable. That’s something a lot of extenders like this don’t have, so I like that about this one.

Easy of use, once you get the hang of it:
Like I said, after your first week or so, once you’ve got to grips with it, it’s pretty easy to set up. It takes me just a couple of minutes now. It’s not really all that difficult, it’s easy to put on and easy to take off.

It Works!
Probably the biggest thing that I like about it is that it actually works. I mean, if you wear it consistently, increase the tension bit by bit, it really can permanently increase the size.

It’s not magic, though. You have to put in the effort and time with it. But it’s totally worth it, and it can get you bigger permanently.

Discreet shipping and Billing

One other thing that I did just want to mention quickly is that when I ordered the Sizegenetics extender, it just came in a plain brown box like this.

pic of box

There’s nothing on it to say what it is; it’s just got your name and address on it. Mine came in about two or three days from me ordering it, so it’s pretty quick. And from what I understand, they do deliver to most countries around the world as well.

Another thing I did was check my credit card statement, and there’s nothing on that that says exactly what it is I bought, so it is totally discreet and private. So if you’re worried about that, you don’t need to be, because they do a really good job of keeping it all secret. Just something I wanted to point out.

Okay, I’ll just do a quick summary here:

Before I bought my Size Genetics extender, I’d read that this was quite a popular product and overall I’d say I’m quite happy that I decided to get it.

Of all the enlargement stuff I’ve tried, this has definitely given me the best results.

Like I said earlier, I’m a lot more confident in the bedroom. I feel a lot happier with the size that I’ve got now. And it does actually kind of feel like I’m filling up my girlfriend a lot more too and she’s really been enjoying it. I guess I just generally feel a lot happier about myself, too.

As I’ve said, sizegenetics is a certified medical grade device, so it’s built to last, it’s clinically tested and once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use. It’s endorsed by medical professionals as well.

I’m going to keep using it until I reach my size goal of 7.5 inches. Overall, I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It isn’t perfect, but if you stick with it and you actually put in the time and put in the effort, it really can work.

The last thing I’ll mention is where I actually got mine at a good price. I did search around online for quite awhile looking at prices to see where I could get a good deal, and the best place that I found was at

They do have some discount codes on the site, so you can get the Extender at cheaper price. But I’m not entirely sure how long they’re going to have the discount on for, so I’ll put the link below so you can click that and go check out the prices and see what you think.

But anyway, that’s pretty much the end of my sizegenetics review, so I hope it helped you out. If you do get the extender or not, hopefully this helped you decide either way. So that’s bye from me.